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How Modern Windows Can Improve Your Home

It is curious how humanity keeps striving to explore space and different forms of life on another planets, but cannot construct a house that does not need to be renovated every 10 years.

Not to be a pessimist, but the home construction industry in Manitoba has seriously degraded. Nowadays, it seems like construction companies simply want to get the job done quicker, with cheaper materials, so they can make higher profit margins. Well, I supposed we do live in a capitalistic democratic society after all.

One of the most common home remodeling in Winnipeg is window replacements. So, here is how changing your old windows can bring some life to your home.

Energy Efficiency

Technology has made some great progress in terms of insulation. Modern vinyl windows are perhaps the most energy efficient products on the market right now. And you can get them on average three times cheaper than wood windows. Not to mention, you will be preserving the Canadian forests by opting in for a recycled plastic material.

Energy efficiency is key in regards to lowering your monthly gas bills. Double and triple pane vinyl windows can reduce your bill by up to 30%. Considering you replace all of them at the same time, and you don’t leave any openings in your home. The amazing insulation offered by this type of windows means that you can easily keep the warm inside your home during the winter. And, of course, keep your home cool during the summer. No need to crank up that AC unit.

Free Maintenance

Nobody enjoys retouching or repainting their wooden frames. If you are looking for maintenance free windows in Winnipeg, you need to turn your eye towards vinyl. The 100% pure and virgin vinyl will not require any repairs or retouching for many (15+) years to come. Thermal glass units can fail long before you have to do anything with the frame. This saves you not only time and efforts, but money as well.

If you are looking for a different alternative to wooden windows, look no further. Vinyl is what modern home owners across Manitoba are opting in for.

Variety of Styles

Plastic is easy to bend, quick to manufacture and extremely durable to the weather conditions in Manitoba. As such, vinyl windows are not only extremely sturdy, but can be made in a variation of styles, sizes and colours. There is something for every home owner. When you combine that with a well-insulated double or triple pane glass filled with Argon gas, you have yourself a window to last you a lifetime.

Since aesthetics are important, vinyl allows you to paint it inside and out in different colours. So, if you wanted to make it look like would on the outside, but keep it white on the inside, you can do it.


There is no question that vinyl is way more affordable than wood. Vinyl is a “cheaper” material, not because it is less useful or less energy efficient. It is cheaper simply because it costs less to be made available and to be transformed into a product. Cutting down wood for manufacturing processes requires a lot of men work. Not to mention that it destroys our forests. When the manufacturing costs are less, the consumer costs are also less.

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