3 Things You Should Know About Carpets Before You Get One

We have various reasons why we choose the thick textile flooring versus everything else. Some people find their homes more comfortable in having carpets underfoot. Others find it efficient and ergonomic.

While there are different rationales behind choosing stylish rugs for your homes, we listed down six things you should know about carpets before placing any orders.

1. Fiber

The carpet is usually defined by the material that makes it up. We have five standard fiber types. Nylon, polyester, polypropylene/Olefin, acrylics are human-made while wool and sisal are natural fibers.

Artificial fibers are known to endure stains and fading. Nylon is a durable fiber. Polyester is hypoallergenic. Polypropylene/Olefin is resilient, however, comes in limited colors.

Natural wool is hypoallergenic, assists in purifying indoor air, and is the most expensive of all fiber types.

2. Pad

The padding serves as a cushion for your carpet. This underlay may either be thin foam or a rubber layer that helps extend the life of your carpet. These pads also add to comfortability and insulation.

3. Pile

You’re most likely to choose between cut and loop piles once you place an order for your carpet. Don’t panic but be careful.

There are four different types of carpet piles:

Cut and Loop Pile – This is obviously a combination of loops and cuts in one carpet that allows variation in the pattern, textures, and sculpting.
Level Loop Pile – These are even and densely packed rings of fiber.
Multilevel Loop Pile – The carpet gains geometrical designs by combining two or more loops in one surface.
Cut Pile – The loops are strategically cut into same height to make the carpet softer and more formal. Textile flooring can give your home an elegant accent when done right. If you want to have the best for your home, make sure to look around for different piles, pads, and fibers first. Consider color and durability, too.

Infgraphic by: singaporecarpetcleaning.sg
Infgraphic by: singaporecarpetcleaning.sg

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